International Declaration against Climate Change and Poverty

We all know that human activity is contributing to an almost irreversible change in the world’s climate.

Human activities are responsible for the changes that are already affecting us and will continue to do so in the future.

Those of us who sign this Declaration want to achieve realistic targets in the fight against Climate Change.

We are working to ensure that future generations will enjoy a habitable and sustainable Planet. Our Objectives are:

Objectives :

1º/ Every company, public institution and individual is aware of their Carbon Footprint, the quantity of greenhouse-effect emissions released into the atmosphere.

2º/ Every carbon footprint is offset by planting trees. All donations for planting these trees will be accredited with a Treeplus Eco-certificate.

3º/ Public representatives establish the “Earth Reafforestation” Collaboration Agreements to support the development of the International Programme against Climate Change and Poverty.

NOTE: These woodlands, as part of our Social Commitment Programme, will create the Global Network of Sustainable Agroforestry Cooperatives, which, in turn, will help to reduce Poverty and Emigration.

I sign!


ININEC,The Institute of Ecological Research (ININEC in its Spanish initials) began its environmental activities in 1993.
Since then, more than 20,000 pupils from all over the world have taken part in its courses and congresses.
Also 200,000 volunteers have collaborated in these activities.

In recognition of this activity, ININEC has received the following awards:
Rolex Environmental Award (Geneva, 1996).
Henry Ford Conservation Award (Brussels, 1999).
US Arbor Day Award (Nebraska City, 2000).
Spanish Film Festival Award (Malaga, 1998) and a Special Mention at the Brazilian Environment Festival (Goia, 2000), for the short film “Nacuti, el Señor de los Bosques".
Creation, together with the Spanish Post Office of the Eco Envelopes “Correos y sus Bosques” (Madrid, 2000).
Creation of UNICAJA woodlands.
Creation of Philishave woodland.
International congresses attended by more than 18 countries.
DSM centenary award , for one of the five best global initiatives.

The Team

A team of professionals with more than twenty years’ experience caring for the Earth

Leonor Jiménez Merchán

President of ININEC

José David Polo Rubio

Director of Operations

Gaspar Corberán

Director of Development Strategies

Rafael Camarenna

Director of Communication

Luis Palacio Sánchez

Director of Technological Development

Carolle Partington

Director of Protocol and International Relations

José Antonio Amaya Gómez

Coordinator of the Audiovisual Department

Luis Gonzalo Moscoso Higuita

Colombia Coordinator

Antonio Pachón García

Partner Director of Lex Veritas Lawyers

Bonnie Vargas

Bolivia Coordinator

Mayte Bastida

USA Coordinator

J. Guillermo Aguilera Bustos

Chile Coordinator

Gaby Carrillo Coppia

Advisor for Hispanic America

Francisco Sosa Malky

Advisor for Hispanic America

Patricia Kent

Argentina Coordinator

Edson Cavenaghi

Brasil Coordinator

Zenón Gomel

Peru Coordinator

Mario Robles del Moral

“Reafforestation of the Earth” Campaign Consultant and Coordinator

Our History

How was our day by day

US Arbor Day Award (Nebraska City, 2000)

UNICAJA woodlands

Forests of the Earth Congress, with the participation of 18 countries. Fernando Almeida (Brazil), Kristie Remington (USA), Carmen Martínez (Cuba) and Leonor

Conference on alternative and renewable energies

Cleaning activity on the Cam River

Sterling Morton Memorial - Nebraska

UNICAJA woodlands Award

Leonor hands out ranger insignia to her Majesty Sofía

Julian Velez, an exemplary reforester, in his activity

Educational reforestation with young people

Ms. Gertru, DSM Directive, with Leonor
in one of the plantations

Leonor presents the reforestation campaign poster, painted by Diazdel

Coordinators meeting of the reforestation program in the Balneario de Fortuna (Murcia)

Planting trees in Moncloa

Eco Envelopes “Correos y sus Bosques” presentation

Reforestation Program Presentation to Prince Felipe

Collaboration Agreement with Jose L. Blanco, Minister of Environment in Junta de Andalucia

Joaquin Araujo, speaker at the Environmental Education Congress, coordinated by Leonor

UNICAJA woodlands

Social Commitment Conference with Governor Huntsman in Utah

Reforestation Campaign Presentation with the President of the Post Office,
Alberto Núñez Feijoó and the President of the Government wife, Ana Botella

Reforestation in Segovia with the Minister of Public Works Francisco Álvarez-Cascos

DSM Award in Amsterdam for Reforestation

Rolex Environmental Award

Congress with National Representatives and Reforestation in Alhama de Granada

Santiago Segura, presents the Spanish Film Festival Award, for the film "Nacuti, Lord of the Forests"

Ignacio Trillo as Delegate of Junta de Andalucía signing for the Philishave Forest

Leonor coordinating the collection of chapapote in Muxía


The "REAFFORESTATION OF THE EARTH" campaign forms part of the International Programme against Climate Change and Poverty, carried out as social commitment by the ININEC, in collaboration with Forests of the Earth Foundation.

Treeplus is the new financial tool for achieving this reafforestation.

Treeplus is the first global Eco-certificate to offset carbon footprints by planting trees.

Treeplus’s philosophy is not based on the idea of “the polluter pays” (OECD, 1972), but:


Any company, public institution or individual can find out their carbon footprint. Once the quantity of carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere has been calculated, the necessary Treeplus donations can be acquired for planting the corresponding number of trees.

The economic resources obtained through Treeplus are devoted to reafforestation, the creation of sustainable agro-forestry cooperatives and social commitment.

Mother Earth has something to tell you


This calculator has been developed to calculate the carbon footprint of one person, a family, a company or an institution. The Carbon Footprint is the amount of Greenhouse Gases generated by an individual person, family or organization throughout one year.

Personal Calculator Company Calculator

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